Fertility and the speed of conception depend on many factors, some psychological, some physical and some nutritional. Reflexology works on the first two by reducing stress and producing a state of profound relaxation and secondly by balancing the endocrine system so that hormonal activity is right.

Reflexology can help couples with fertility problems by promoting blood circulation around the body, strengthening the immune system and promoting good strong health and vitality in the reproductive organs, which includes helping to regulate periods, promote ovulation, reduce PMS, reduce the chances of miscarriage and also help increase sperm quality and quantity.

Reflexology may help with your pregnancy:

  • Before Pregnancy: helping to prepare you and your body to conceive, balance emotions and spirit.
  • After the first 12 – 16 weeks of pregnancy (if no complications) reflexology can help to maintain your general wellbeing.
  • Latter stages of pregnancy: helping you and your baby to relax and ease some of the usual side effects of pregnancy like backache and swollen feet.
  • Overdue Birth: it is thought that Fertility Reflexology could help to start contractions.

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Complementary Therapists do not claim to cure , diagnose or prescribe.  Each therapy session of works on an individual basis. Many people use Complementary Therapy as a way of relaxing the mind and body and improving wellbeing.  Complementary Therapy should be used in conjunction with seeking medical advice



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